The Author

Hi, I'm Caroline! I'm an adjunct professor, web writer and freelancer. I plan to continue teaching and writing on crime, the arts, and Millennials trying to find their career paths.

I've written for The Valley Chronicle, Cliché Magazine, and Inland Empire Magazine. I have a story published in Inlandia Journal (2012), and a poem in Matchbox Magazine (2010).

In the arts section of this blog, I explore writing about movies, plays, dance and fashion.

I enjoy modern dance, pirates, movies, traveling, and have trained in martial arts for over 12 years.

The Blog

I was an undergrad at UCR when the recession hit and I noticed that many twentysomethings didn't feel very hopeful. Though I found a job a few months after graduation, it wasn't what I wanted and I had trouble staying positive, too. Living at home and making a dollar above minimum wage wasn't at all how I pictured adult life. Slowly I made changes: graduate school, internships, travel. I'm still making changes and sometimes it's still slow, but I'm working to create the life I want to live.

This blog is a way for me to discuss careers and success with you and other bloggers, and it also serves as a place for me to write about arts & entertainment, and fashion -- for the fun of it.

Here, I want to support the people who are using their twenties wisely despite the current recession -- the people who strive, who grow, who takes chances, change the world, and enjoy life.

Let's celebrate this uncertain and exciting time in our lives.

This is for those who will still roar through their twenties.

"One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar."
--Helen Keller

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