Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Atlantic: On Excercising At Work

Courtesy of Amy Selleck

I love The Atlantic's video on workplace exercise, so funny.

An appropriate exercise routine depends on the work environment, of course. Right now, it's not really okay for me to do desk push-ups and such in place, so I organize exercising around my break times:

15 minute break, morning: squats, deep and demi plies, calf raises, pushups, triceps dips, and sometimes kicks or arabesques or lunges, depending on the day. Then I sit down and stretch for the last five minutes.

30 minute lunch: I eat lunch at my desk and then use the half-hour to read while walking around the block at a moderate pace.

15 minutes, afternoon: Here, I will often go downstairs for a turn about the parking lot.

I can also add more bits of walking into the day by going downstairs for the mail, using the restroom, or as suggested in the video -- walking over to talk to coworkers in-person.

How do you work out at work?

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