Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Job for Christmas!

Courtesy of Jasperdo

I literally got a job on Christmas Day.

Earlier, I had read that one shouldn't let up on the job search during the holidays, because some companies still hire. Sure enough, I got called in for an interview on December 24. They offered the job, but when I called back soon after to accept, I couldn't connect with the woman who interviewed me.

Then on Christmas, I got a confirmation email that listed my start date. Best Christmas present I have ever gotten, and exactly the one I asked for. Thank you, God.

Courtesy of lorigami
On January 2, I will start work as the administrative assistant for a startup recycling company. The startup buys the materials that recycling plants collect and then sells said materials to factories overseas. I'm so excited to be working on something that's important to me. None of my employers have recycled, and I'm always shocked at how many of friends and family members don't, either. I always try my best to encourage it and make it easier for them to recycle.

Two more awesome aspects of this job: my first assignment is to write the website and brochure for the company. And also, it's located on the edge of San Gabriel Valley -- in Los Angeles County! It's not quite Downtown LA, but so much closer than I am now. Can't wait to start a new job and explore a new community.