Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reblog: Blogging Positivity

This was a great post at Dressed Up Like a Lady regarding the disconnect between positive blogging and a not-so-great period in one's life.

One of my favorite bloggers, Cammila, says:

"I realize there's a disparity between me being stressed and our blog being basically the same upbeat tone it always is. And there are a lot of legit reasons for that; the focus of the blog is sort of positivity. . ."

The point of Roar these Twenties is meant to encourage, support, and celebrate, so I had a similar dilemma these last few months. I moved back home and was sleeping on the couch, looking for full-time jobs with no luck, and waiting to work. Got hired at a retail store for the holiday season and was substitute teaching when there were calls, but the retail hours were few and the school kids had time off. I folded lots of sweaters on Thanksgiving Day. I looked forward to sleep, which is very uncharacteristic of me. Crying in the car became a regular thing. I had interviews but no call-backs. I had second interviews with no call-backs. I did a lot of calling back, myself, to no avail. I kept looking forward to potential jobs and then did not get those jobs. There was no definite end in sight.

"What if I'm in the same place in another six months?" I thought. "What if I'm still here next year at this time??"

Luckily for me, and this blog, an end -- a beginning -- came soon.

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