Thursday, August 8, 2013

Life as a Transient

I've been living out of a suitcase for the last month! Some friends and family generously let me bounce around between their couches and guest rooms as I looked for a job and an apartment. So far I have found one and a half of those and am excitedly looking for that last piece.

I landed a gig as a part-time general assignment reporter at Pasadena Now, and have been staying in the area, then driving home, then driving back for a few days -- this went on on for a few weeks, which is why tomorrow I move out of the house! I found a two-bedroom apartment in the San Gabriel Valley to rent with two other girls. It's not an ideal location, so I may not stay for more than a few months.

Then again, I may not stay even that long -- need to find another part-time or full-time job. (That's why I've only completed 1.5 out of two of my goals!) I'm looking first and foremost for teaching positions at community colleges in the area, but also for other writing positions, or office jobs, or openings in retail.

Looking for jobs, apartments, and more jobs while moving and working can get pretty hectic. I just keep repeating this quote and reminding myself that it's true. Books are published only after some writing, much hair-pulling, and a flurry of editing and revising and negotiating with agents and editors. Parties aren't pulled off unless the host spends the day running errands, hanging streamers, and nearly burning dishes in the oven. Trips are preceded by a week or two of packing and plans and uncertainty and reservations.

It reminds me of surrealist poetry: for best results, you have to embrace not knowing what's happening or what's going to happen.

How do you deal with moving and job hunting?

Here's to living with uncertainty and difficulty and pushing through to the success that follows!