Friday, May 10, 2013

Ellen DeGeneres Quotes & Career Advice

Courtesy of bernie.levine, Flickr.

Ellen is one of my favorite people. She's does great interviews, and I love that she is funny without being mean. She teases people and points out ridiculous thoughts/decisions, but she does it while laughing with them instead of at them (even when she's airing their embarrassing Facebook photos on her show!).

GH: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
ED: The most important thing for me is to know that I represent kindness. I'm glad I'm funny. I'm glad I make people happy, because that's very important. But I'm proud to be known as a kind person. You listen to any monologue on late-night TV or just in general, to people talking, and there's always a joke at someone's expense. It's sarcasm; it's nasty.  
Kids grow up hearing that, and they think that's what humor is, and they think it's OK. But that negativity permeates the entire planet. I think that's where bullying comes from. I mean, I grew up watching Dick Van Dyke and Lucille Ball, and they were nothing but sweet and funny. It wasn't "negative comment, negative comment, laugh track." So I'm really proud I'm not adding to the negativity. I'm proud that for the hour my show is on television, I'm not being mean, and I'm hopefully helping one other person go, I'm going to be kind. Because then it all just kind of spreads, and the world is a little nicer out there.
Besides being kind and encouraging, she is also smart, optimistic, and hard-working. Here are some of her most inspiring pieces of advice. . .

From Ms. Career Girl (who also posted advice from three other successful women):

"Though you feel like you're not where you're supposed to be, you shouldn't worry because the next turn you take, it will lead you to where you want to go." 
--Ellen DeGeneres
Or maybe the next few turns, since Ellen has worked as an oyster shucker, house painter, bartender, waitress, and vacuum cleaner salesperson. But the point is, eventually she got to where she meant to be going, and it was probably in part because of the next quote.

"Follow your own path, not someone else's."  
--Ellen DeGeneres 
 Usually I'm not someone who cares about others' opinions or who feels the need to follow, but I do tend to worry that I don't have the same career path as someone in the business that I admire. Not always sure what or how I should be doing things, I try follow the steps of people who have gone before me. But Ellen is right -- everyone has their own path: how many other comedians and talk show hosts have both shucked oysters and sold vacuums? While you can use a role model for ideas or guidance, taking a different road doesn't mean that you won't be successful. Career Hub blog has some more great pieces of advice from Ellen.


  1. For real, people whose path in life is presented with a clear trajectory from early on are OUTLIERS. Or possibly fictional. Ellen knows what's up.

  2. Personally I like this author. Excellent Ellen DeGeneres Quotes with advice. thanks!!