Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm a Freelance Reporter!

I applied for a job with a local weekly paper, The Valley Chronicle, back in August, but wasn't picked up. However, just this week, the managing editor called and said they were looking again and still had my resume!

In my interview with the managing editor, she asked me to write up the weekly crime report, and sh also wants m to be a backup reporter for any events that she won't be able to attend. Then I pitched a few ideas and she said the valley's annual Turkey Trot could make a good story. So I covered it!

You can find my first (paid) newspaper story here, on The Valley Chronicle's web site. I also filmed the footage that's in the VCTV report on the home page! So excited!


  1. GO YOU!!!!!!

    Way to include an adorable quote from a small child. You're already an expert at this! :D

  2. Hey girl, I finally posted about Holly Golightly being a MPDG.


    Hope your freelance gig is going awesomely!