Saturday, October 27, 2012

Panel Discussion

shali Nicholas, Michael Cluff, Caroline Mays, Matthew Nadelson, and Cati Porter.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to be on a panel at an IE California Writers Club meeting at the Ovitt Community Library in Ontario!

CA Writers Club web site - Inland Empire chapter

I'm really excited, but also a little nervous -- I've never been on a panel before.


Writers must wear scarves!
Also on the panel were Victoria Waddle and Cati Porter, who is the managing editor of Inlandia Journal, shali Nicholas (lowercase first name), who is a poet friend from CSUSB, and Michael Cluff and Matthew Nadelson -- both writers and teachers for Riverside Community College, Norco.

The moderator, Kay Murphy, asked us questions about how we started writing and what it means to be a writer in the Inland Empire. The others had a lot of great things to say about being a writer and getting published. I'm just beginning -- so I felt a little out of place sitting there with several writers who have done so much more than I have. 

Still, I had a good time and was honored to have been asked. Everyone stuck around afterwards for a little while, too, and I got to talk with them about writing and teaching.  

Photos courtesy of Teddy Nicholas.

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  1. I think it's really awesome that you had the chance to weigh in as someone just starting out! After all, all of those writers were just beginning their own careers at one point. :)