Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cliche Magazine

A few weeks ago, I began interning at Cliche Magazine, an online publication! I'm really excited about it. Although I don't get to see my articles in print (you can buy the mag in print, but it's expensive), I have been able to pitch stories and interview quite a few interesting people.

The October/November issue of Cliche Mag launched a few days ago. You can find it online at or (Unfortunately, I think they charge $1.99 to read it.)

In this issue, I interview Christopher Scott, a choreographer for "So You Think You Can Dance." He also choreographed for Step Up Revolution, and he helped launch the web series "The LXD -- The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers."

For Jan/Dec, I talked with Tara Summers, from "Boston Legal" and "Ringer." She is next to be seen in the film Hitchcock, which is about the making of Psycho. She plays a costume designer on set. In the interview, we talked about what kind of movies she liked, and when she said she doesn't like scary movies, I asked her if she'd seen Psycho (since, after all, that's what her film is about).

"Um, I've seen parts of it?"

Tara was friendly and really fun to interview, and now I'm talking to fashion designers and comedy writers for the next issue!

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