Saturday, September 29, 2012


RUSD: "With your substitute teaching application, please include an official copy of your transcripts (no internet copies."

I send in my application with the transcripts, TB test, fingerprinting relase forms, etc. They check everything over.

RUSD: "Your application has been approved."

I say, "Are you absolutely positive that you have everything you need for my permit application? I'm leaving for Europe next week and will be gone for quite a while."

RUSD: "Yes, everything is complete."

I get back from Europe: "Dear RUSD, I haven't gotten my permit yet. What's going on?"

RUSD: "I don't know, ask the CTC."

The CTC doesn't take phone calls, only emails: "Dear CTC, it's been three months and I haven't gotten my permit. What's going on?"

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing: "We have not received your transcripts"

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