Sunday, August 26, 2012

Midnight Pizza

The girls decided they were hungry, once, so at midnight we erupted from our apartment and overrun the streets. They had all had a few glasses of wine -- I was just up for an adventure.

We ran down Via Guicciardini looking for an open pizzeria and being a little too loud. While two girls ordered pizza at Golden View, the rest of us walked to the wall overlooking the river. Across the Arno, fifty or sixty people were dining on a grassy spot set up with tables on the edge of the water. Someone was singing a cover of Adele's song, 'Someone Like You.' We stood in the cool night air, listening to "Someone Like You" and waiting for our Margherita pizza. I missed B as usual. 

"View from Michelangelo's Square," my photo. (The two prominent churches in the photo are the duomo, on the left, and Santa Croce, on the right.)

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  1. I love it! Your whole description is very cinematic, I feel like I can see it. :)