Monday, July 16, 2012


Glove shops are sprinkled all over the place in Florence. I like nothing better than looking snappy during the winter, but even more than that, I love being warm. I get cold faster than anyone else I know, so no hoodies for me -- I have to wear two at a time to keep warm in my house. When going outside, I wear either a lambswool or Swedish wool sweater with a colorful scarf, black wool trench coat, and a black cloche or magenta fedora. So when I noticed the glove shops all over, I knew I had to find some.

Since I'll be here for a month, I took my time and checked out the prices of several shops before deciding where to buy. Today, I went to Martelli's Glove Factory and bought a pair of navy blue leather gloves with silk lining.

I wanted to get magenta or a bright blue to match the fedora, but the shop lady said that one should either wear a bright hat and understated gloves, or an understated hat and bright gloves. She recommended the navy color, which I bought -- though I may still return to get a bright pair, too. This is what they looked like when I first bought them, and here's a photo after a year of use:


Some people come to Florence and buy jewelry on the Ponte Vecchio, maybe even more come for the designer shoes, but my favorite souvenir is a smart pair of gloves.

Update: I did go back for a bright purple pair:

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