Sunday, June 24, 2012

On Leaving Home

My family left home this weekend for a two-week vacation in Yellowstone National Park. I left today, too, in a sense. My family always packs home into the car with everything else: it's stuffed under the seats with the sleeping bags and binoculars, crammed in between the metal plates and gas stove.

Even when I leave the house this week, I'm not leaving California yet--I'm staying the night at an aunt's house and flying out of LAX the next day. It makes it easier to leave if one does it in pieces--first the real home, then the physical house, then the region. Lucky for me, my family and home will be unpacked and settled into the house again by the time I return. . .

. . . so happy that Italy has palm trees, too!

"Close-up Of Palm Trees Near Buildings, Rome," by Keith Levit Photography. <>.

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